In Pursuit of Silence – Premiere at CPH:DOX

IPOS Premiere

In Pursuit of Silence – a new documentary by Patrick Shen about our relationship with silence, sound, and the impact of noise – premieres at CPH:DOX (Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival). As an ode to the American maverick-composer, John Cage, who is a prominent figure in the film, the score heavily features my take on the prepared piano. Unique sounds were meticulously crafted by placing objects between and over the piano strings: rubber earplugs, chopsticks, foam brushes, metal wires, sponges, felt, screws, pvc pipes, ebows, guitar slides, wooden dowels, various whachamacallits, and my favorite sound from the project: an electric toothbrush vibrating against the strings! The film is bound to make its journey around the world this coming year, so be on the lookout. An album of the score is also in the works. Stay tuned!


Composer to Watch

Alex was recently named by the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP) as a 2014 “Composer to Watch.” See the full list here.




IMG_7761Each summer, the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP) selects 12 composers from over 300 international applicants to participate in a month-long film scoring workshop with Emmy Award winning composer and mentor Richard Bellis. The alumni roster of this workshop include some of the most successful composers working in film and TV today, so I was honored and extremely fortunate to be a part of its 26th year. Over the course of the month, the composers discussed the craft and business of writing music for film, TV, and video games with some of the industry’s leading figures including John Powell (How to Train Your Dragon, The Bourne Trilogy, Shrek), Dave Porter (Breaking Bad), Sean Callery (24, Homeland, Elementary), James  S. Levine (Glee, American Horror Story, Nip/Tuck), and Garry Schyman (Bioshock Franchise, Dante’s Inferno), to list just a few! Each composer was assigned to score a scene from a popular film, culminating to a recording session at the historic 20th Century Fox Newman Scoring Stage with the Hollywood Studio Symphony. I was assigned this beautiful scene from “How To Train Your Dragon.” It was truly a career highlight. Thanks, ASCAP!


Seadrift – Teaser

In 1979, the fatal shooting of a white crabber in the small Texas fishing village of Seadrift ignites a maelstrom of hostilities against the Vietnamese along the Gulf Coast.  Most of these Vietnamese fishermen and their families had just fled their home country after a decades-long war, only to be confronted by angry fishermen and the KKK as they searched for a new home in a strange land.

Seadrift is a feature documentary by Tim Tsai, currently in production, that tells this incredible story of survival, perseverance, and ultimate triumph over dire circumstances. I am excited to be scoring this project. Check out the first teaser, featuring music by me.


In Pursuit of Silence

From director Patrick Shen (La Source, Philosopher Kings) is a documentary in the works about our relationship with sound, noise, and silence. Here’s the 1st trailer for In Pursuit of Silence, featuring one of my tracks Changing Tides.


Sunday Rain

A whimsical acoustic track with a tinge of melancholy, developing into a middle section that is optimistic, upbeat, and fun. This track features the guitalele (a guitar/ukulele combo) as the foundation, upon which layers of piano, guitars, bells, strings, and winds add richness, texture, and emotion.


When Stars Collide

A hybrid of orchestral winds, strings, piano, and moving electronic textures.



With films like Waiting for Superman advocating for charter and private schools, public education is met with more pessimism and negative reactions than ever. Through a cinema verité approach, GO PUBLIC takes audiences on a visit to a regular school day, to see for yourself what really goes on in a public school.

Screenings are happening around the country, check the listings here.

Here are a couple of tunes used in the film: