Director: Pamela Roberts
Composer: Todd Boekelheide
Additional Music Composer: Alex Lu

PBS Independent Lens

Narrated by 2009 Golden Globe winner Gabriel Byrne, Butte, America recounts the sometimes glorious, often sorrowful, but always fascinating story of the most lucrative hard rock mining town in United States history, “the Richest Hill on Earth,” “the town that plumbed and electrified America,” the Pittsburgh of the West. In Butte, the Industrial Revolution collided with the romance of the frontier, corporate capitalism battled organized labor, and human appetite laid waste to land and water, yielding vast fortunes for a few and a tragic environmental legacy for the people left behind. Those people are the heart of the film–miners, their families, the working class neighborhoods they created amidst danger and hardship. In a copper crucible, they forged a community whose toughness and solidarity speak to what’s missing in America today. Butte, America combines historic fact and first-person narrative to bring to life the highly compelling but largely untold story of this legendary city.